Cloud Services

Private Cloud Computing

Private Cloud is a shared IT infrastructure where multiple servers and applications reside in a secure data centre on powerful, secure, redundant and scalable IT Infrastructure. Think of it as an Office Tower for computers where multiple clients use shared, yet highly sophisticated infrastructure that would normally be reserved for Fortune 100 companies.


Cloud Services/Strategies and Storage:

  • Online backup and restore
  • Automatic, continuous backup into the cloud
  • Access data anytime, anywhere in the world on your mobile device
  • Trusted experts will assist you in the event of a disaster
  • Recovery is fast – providing immediate restoration
  • We get you back up and running quickly
  • Data is stored in our secure facility in Canada and in the Cloud

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server is the business standard for business communication and email delivered right to your desk without having to spend time and money to set up and manage your own servers.

25 GB Mailbox @ $7.97

Virtual Private Servers

Deploy virtual servers immediately without the need to invest in physical hardware, configuration and maintenance. You can leverage our large investment into infrastructure so you can start running your applications.

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CCTBox allows you to securely connect to your files in the office just like you always did, synchronize, then access them from your notebook, tablet or phone on the road – while maintaining full ownership and control.

CCT Box @ $16.97

144 Berkindale Drive, Hamilton, Canada

Data Centre Technical Details

  • Located in Hamilton, Canada, the facility is purpose design/built for 99.999% availability.
  • Electrical: Three 13.8 kV incoming feeds to building complex (N 1 configuration).
  • Electrical Protection and Redundancy: 800 kVA via two independent, synchronous units fed from 600.
  • Cooling: chilled water/DX cooling system, N 1 configuration.
  • Fire Suppression: VESDA continually samples the air for combustible ion particles.
  • Interlocked dry pipe pre-action sprinkler system activated by ionization type smoke detector.
  • Security Controls: Data Centre entrance and security area protected.
  • Security Camera on around the building 24×7.
  • Steel mesh-reinforced walls; vibration and motion detection systems in walls and ceiling.
  • Centralized monitoring by 24×7 Operations Centre (OC), using site automation system.
  • Three diverse GigE Internet connections.

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What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a transformative delivery model that is changing the way technology vendors, distributors, resellers, and consumers think about, approach, and implement IT systems.

What exactly “The Cloud” is remains a matter of debate, as there are dozens of definitions for cloud computing. Escaping the cloud is almost impossible. Cloud computing is transforming the way technology vendors produce and distribute their products, as well as the way enterprises and Small and Medium Business consume technology. It is a fundamental shift to a new IT architecture grounded in broad availability, multi-tenancy, shared resources, and dynamic capacity. It’s about changing the entire coststructure of technology from a capital expense to a recurring operational expense.

Cloud is making technology more accessible, productive, and affordable, which is the driving force behind its rapid adoption. Cloud computing has morphed from a relatively limited set of Web-based services to a full gamut of business products and models.