About us

Who We Are?

Cornerstone Computer Technologies , is a company dedicated to providing the highest standard computer Sales,maintenance services & repairs for home & business computers, and mobile devices. We have award winning customer service, and have been recognized by numerous organizations for our high standard of customer satisfaction. We know that when your computer breaks down, you don’t want a prolonged downtime, so we structure same day service based on the schedule at hand and complete repairs in the shortest time-frame possible.
As a computer Sales, service & repair company, we enjoy the challenges and excitement inherent in troubleshooting related job, and we are pleased with the satisfactory feedback from our customers. So if you are experiencing computer troubles, why not give us a call and allow our friendly staff to restore your device and put a permanent smiles on your face today.

What Do We Do?

“We’ll do our best to do what’s best for you!” we won’t leave until you are satisfied and your computer is restored! We deal with home users, small businesses,also capable of working effectively with Government and commercial customers, 3rd party contractors and internal corporate staff organizations which makes us ideal for minor and major problems that you may run into both software and hardware related problems,we can fix it! And in most cases much faster than you would expect.

Why Are We The Best?

We provide same day service and aim to have the issue resolved where ever possible. Nobody wants to be  interrupted, so we work hard to complete all jobs daily whenever possible.
We have the best customer service and know that not everyone knows how to use a computer, or knows the difference between a modem and a hard drive – so when you call us, you speak to a real person who can guide you through the repair process in your language!
We offer flexible trading hours. We know that people have hectic work schedules each day. Whether it is overtime in the office, or having to rush the kids to soccer training, we know your time is precious. That’s why we offer after hours repairs where ever possible, and try to work around your lifestyle as best as we can.